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  The band was founded by myself, László "O'Sea"  Osztroluczki (guitar vocals) and my brother Csaba (drums) in 1988 under the name of Carnage in Balassagyarmat.
  The other guitarist was Zoltán Mucs, the bass player János Koplányi. The first tracks were born quickly, those were closest to the early thrash style of Kreator. Since I received my call to the army, we wanted to quickly add up our existing numbers. However, before the recruitment, Zoli left the team. At that time, we had no idea how many times such a thing would still hinder the team. The new guitarist became Attila Koplányi, brother of Jani. We recorded Riders Of Death in their grandmother's house. While I was a soldier, the rest of the team could give concerts on the Balassagyarmat open-air stage. The party went well, and it was clear to everyone that something had started. But others had to wait for me, who had developed their skills together and in various local bands. I dismantled it in '90, but soon after, Csaba was called to arms. Again, time passed over us, we could not progress seriously and there was some tension between the members.
  When Csaba finally became free, the concert started. Our first official performance was at the local House of Culture, in front of the HC team called AMD in Budapest. We were already arguing with the house technicians (which later became a feature of ours), even though we just wanted to sound good. But what was good for us, they couldn't do. We didn't play the whole party, Jani angrily left the stage. The mixer of the main gang immediately offered his help, but with the rage we no longer wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.
  As we conquered the surrounding towns and villages, we gained an ever increasing stage routine. We didn't always fuck off everyone if we didn't find something good. When everything started to turn out well, there was always something that set us back. At this point, it turned out that there was another
team called Carnage, and obviously they wouldn't change their name. Because we played almost every weekend, we performed under a different name in every place. We didn’t really like any of the names that we came up with. One day I remembered a horror movie I had seen in the army. In it, some witch
read a guy's palm and didn't see his future. Everyone liked the name No Future. Of course, at that time, we had no idea how much punk it was, but we decided not to change it anyway. We were tired of looking up names.
  Due to the many concerts and rehearsals, the band was progressing, but Attila couldn't keep up with it. We not only demanded the full devotion of others, but also of ourselves. Unfortunately he had to leave. János couldn't really handle his brother's departure, and soon left the team.
In 1993 a new bass player, László "Lez" Máthé joined. This year saw the release of No Future, the first demo titled The Total Death. The band was assisted by solo guitarist Florián "Flo" Juhász (Bloodrainbow) then and of course later. In '94 we found Krisztián "Chris" Bacsa, who opened up new perspectives for us with his fantastic guitar playing. It wasn't just speeding that was our main trend anymore, harmonies were also present in our music.
With him, The Total Death II material was created. We did a lot of concerts during this period and we also participated in talent shows of all kinds, fortunately we were always well received everywhere. In '95, every band in the mobile studio of the Tokaj Rock Camp could record a song on the camp's selection album.
Thanks to our concert and studio routine at the time, we completed it so quickly that the sound engineers suggested we play another song because we had a lot of time left. We took the opportunity to release two of the '95 demos from this recording. Everything was starting to work again, so the shock came.
Chris quit because of family problems. We can start again from the beginning of searching for band members and start the songs training period. We were lucky. We found Zoltán "Zéé" Tupcsa, who was playing guitar in a friend's band at the time, but they didn't do a lot of concerts, so we quickly got to
seduce him. We went all over and won a talent show in the old Black Hole (Fekete Lyuk). We went to the Bikini Studio to record '96 Oversight? demo. Everything worked out well, so the bad should come, which in the end wasn't that bad. Because of a tendon stretch, my right hand had to be plastered. We
didn't want to cancel the concert, so we were looking for another guitarist. It wasn't easy at all in a small town where we lived.But another dude band, from which Richard "Rich" Táborszki came from, had just broken up. This is how we made the parties as a team of five at the time. Then they took off my plaster and I really wanted to play the guitar a lot. Of course we didn't want to work with 3 guitarists. Zéé was pretty much in the Muay Thai box at the time, so we didn't have to fire anyone, he chose sports.
  In 98, we recorded the No Future CD in a Slovak studio. But in spite of the many concerts, the talent researcher, the studio, our daily profession, we could not put as much time, money and energy into the team as we needed. Everything was starting to look good again. Then in 1999 the band stopped.
  The reopening took place in 2008. The line-up: O'Sea (guitar, vocals), Chris (guitar), Lez (bass) and Csaba (drums). For the first time in many years, we have found a decent rehearsal room in the city. We played the old songs and wrote the new ones. Of course, it didn't last long. Chris opened a tattoo studio and had a lot of work to do. He couldn't stay with us anymore. Three of us remained and we started looking for a guitar player, but it wasn't as easy as it used to be. There were no bands or musicians anymore. In 2013, Zéé retired from professional sports, giving him time for music. He almost had to learn to play the guitar again, but we started. We updated our equipment and our music. It took time, but again we started to give concerts. In 2014, we made a home video for Dead World. We recorded several tracks in the studio, but in the end they didn't work. Time passed and we didn't make much progress. Fewer rehearsals and less concerts. We were just planning what to do, but the plans did not become reality. Radical changes were needed. We decided to make our first record after so many years. Of course, this would have required a lot of rehearsals and even better instruments. Lez gave up first. He didn't want to spend on equipment or on time recording. We made him a farewell party, then he left. We wasted a few more months with other bass players, but we couldn't find the right one. Since concerts were thus completely excluded, Zéé went further.
  At the end of 2018, Csaba and I entered a local home studio and started recording our first album, When Death Calls. We planned for Flo to help us with the solos again. Right now, we started working together, but as usual ... Unfortunately, Flo got seriously ill. My foster son, Martin Cseke, finally rescued me.
We didn't have much time to write solos, so we invited Zéé and I to play a solo on the record. Finally, in December 2019, the debut album was released.
  Over the years, we have lost too many friends and family, dedicating the album to their memory.
But we've also made a lot of new acquaintances with bands (found in the links) and fans that make it all worthwhile, even at the cost of so much suffering.
We are currently looking for new members to play again because we love to play music.